With the days growing shorter and the nights becoming cooler we can start to see and feel that Autumn has indeed arrived. This marks the beginning into the Yin phase of our season where the energy starts to slow down and we tend to find ourselves becoming more introspective and more reflective on our lives.

Have any of you been feeling pushed lately over the last couple of months. That your “stuff” keeps, coming up and getting brought to the surface or attention drawn to it? This may be in the form of old memories or patterns, different emotions and so on. To make sense of this, aside from the planetary alignments, full moons and new moons which yes absolutely have a profound effect on us, the season of Autumn is associated with the element Metal and the organs of the Lung and Large Intestine. Physically you can tend to see or experience a lot of coughs and respiratory conditions, dry skin, digestive complaints, constipation and so on. But emotionally our “stuff” tends to get brought up and gets more of a focus shone on it as Autumn is all about the emotion of grief and Letting Go. It’s the season where we become more reflective, what’s sitting there for us emotionally gets a spotlight so we can acknowledge it and let it go. Like the leaves that fall from the tree, we must take a cue from nature and drop our leaves, look what is not serving us anymore and let it go. Getting outside in nature and going for a walk can be a great place to start.


Below are some other good tips for maintaining emotional health and balance in Autumn:

  • Take time out to be quiet. To sit still and breathe.
  • Go within yourself and reflect what’s sitting there. This may be old memories, emotions, resentments and so forth. Attempt to resolve where possible and let them go. For issues you can’t resolve directly with others or for old issues within yourself, writing them all down on a piece of paper and burning it or throwing it away can be a great tool to release what’s no longer serving you.
  • The element of Metal relates to organisation, order and stability. It can be a great time to go through your home or work space and clear out what’s of no use to you and re-organize.
  • Try to manage your stress levels. Incorporate activities like mediation, yoga, gardening, exercise, and so forth that enable you to decrease or release your stress.
  • Get more sleep. With the days becoming shorter and transitioning into the most Yin time of the year its natural for us to sleep more.
  • If you are having trouble processing things talking to someone can always be helpful. Acupuncture can also assist during these times