Before enAcupunctureough is enough.


When is the last time you took time out for yourself?  Do you wait until you fall in a heap or have a cold and flu to take time out? Many of us, don’t give ourselves permission to take time out until we really fall in a heap.

From Western medicine’s standpoint, there isn’t a good way to define ideal health. It only defines the absence of disease. Wellness is the opposite of this. Wellness is the continual increase in energy and vitality that acts as a buffer against the onset of chronic pain and illness. Acupuncture helps deliver this.

Many people feel the idea of getting weekly preventive acupuncture, is not achievable with a busy life but this type of care can be easier than you think. Some people come for treatment when the seasons change, like in spring when trees start pollinating, or when the weather gets colder in autumn. Other patients will come in for a few weeks before they travel. Others who are trying to avoid pain flare-ups will come in once a month after their pain is under control.

Just as exercise, good sleeping patterns, and good diet can help you stay healthy, so too can regularly being in touch with your body and mind. Like servicing your car ensures its good running, acupuncture is an extremely valuable tool for our bodies and maintaining health. Is it time you booked in for a treatment?