Autumn in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the season where the long hot summer days fade to become shorter and the cold begins to creep in. The energising energy and warmth of summer is replaced by the introspective energy of Autumn. In TCM Autumn is associated with the lungs and the metal element. It is generally a time for colds and flu to be more prevalent as the body adjusts to the cooler changes in the environment. In view of the current health crisis the world is facing, now is a good time to work on boosting our immunity for the cooler months ahead.

It is important to ensure your respiratory system and digestive system are in peak working order and the following tips can help.

1. Strengthening Herbs – Probiotics, zinc, vitamin C and formulas such as Yu Ping Feng San (TCM defence formula) should be your first line of defence. Taken daily these can assist in boosting your immune system and help to prevent colds and flu.

2. Breathing through your nose – The nasal cavity releases immune cells that protect the lungs and also activates the diaphragm. This in turn encourages parasympathetic nerve function and oxygenates the blood. Practicing slow deep abdominal breathing and using a few drops of black sesame oil or propolis (avoid if allergic to bees) massaged into the nose may create a protective barrier against germs entering the nasal cavity.

3. Exercise – Get that body moving! It doesn’t have to be strenuous, walking outside, stretching, yoga and pilates are all great options. Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique, which is excellent at warding off viruses and strengthening the organs.

4. Ginger, lemon and honey tea – Combined together is a potent daily cleanser. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and when drunk assists in rising and awakening the digestive system and removing stagnant residue. Also a hot drink of lemon water before going to bed can help clear germs from the throat thus preventing them from lodging in the lungs.

5. Reduce Stress – Stress lowers the immune system, so take a little time out every day to do something you love!

6. Don’t get a chill – Remember to keep your chest and neck warm, don’t get caught out in the cold. Temperatures can change quickly in Autumn and once can easily catch a chill!

7. Acupuncture – Regular acupuncture treatments boost immunity, help to keep the body in balance and lower stress. So don’t wait until your sick….. Call us today and keep your health on Track!

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